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Established in 1968, Healthy Life's 80 stores help thousands of Australians achieve and maintain optimum health and wellbeing with a dedicated focus on providing an extensive range of health products with quality advice.

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Eat smarter for more efficient weight loss

Most people understand that to lose weight they need to use up more energy than they consume.This generally means more physical activity and less calories. But you can impact on this basic equation by changing the type of calories you eat and improving your metabolic rate.

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Exam time, how to help your child through this testing time

Through first-hand experience with the pressures of the HSC and University exams with my own children and friends, as well as seeing numerous students and parents at my clinic, I know all too well how students may struggle with stress, anxiety or depression at this time of year.

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Tiffaney, Healthy Life Waverley Gardens

Meet Our Team This week we chat with Tiffaney, store manager of our Waverley Gardens store. With a special interest in metabolic disease, Tiffaney advocates low sugar living and has an infatuation with creating sugar free treats.

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Natural Beauty Basics

Ladies and gentlemen, beauty starts from within. The skin is our largest organ with the capacity to absorb chemicals and toxins. So let’s keep that in mind with regards to our beauty regime, because – oh my – the ingredients in many of the commercially available products may shock you.

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